Arranging Furniture in Preparation for the Holidays


Arranging Furniture in Preparation for the Holidays


Holidays are a busy time for everyone! Aside from shopping and meal planning and scheduling get togethers with the family, homes need to be arranged to accommodate the festivities. Furniture needs to be conducive for entertaining guests and decorating for the occasion.

Most importantly, one should ensure there is enough room to comfortably seat all the guests who are expected to gather during the holidays. This includes things like sofa seating, gathering around a Christmas tree, a dining room table, and/or a place for guests to kick back and digest from all the good food.

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Dining room tables should reasonably fit the max number of guests you are expecting. Every guest will need a chair and a place setting. If your space permits, leave no less than 24” of space all the way around so that people can move freely in and out of the room. Don’t forget to leave plenty of elbow space in between settings! – you don’t want to force your guests to play guess whose water is who’s during dinner.

Pay attention to detail when designing the flow of traffic. Guests should be able to move freely and without obstacles from area to area. As tempting as it is, try not to overdecorate as to limit obstacles, clutter and how much you decrease your livable space. Guests will need ample room to navigate to seating spaces, to the kitchen or other areas of gatherings, restrooms, inside/outside of the house etc. Good luck resisting the urge to completely submerge your entire household in all the Christmasy goodies though!

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Transform your already existing furniture and spaces into a festive wonderland by alternating throw pillows and blankets, DIY’ing a beautiful Christmas center piece for a table, hanging accent lighting and garlands, styling a mantel, etc. Sprinkle a touch of holiday everywhere it reaches! Get creative and have fun decorating!




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