What’s Your Dining Room Style? 3 Ways To Design Where You Dine

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What’s Your Dining Room Style? 3 Ways To Design Where You Dine

The dining room is one of the most important rooms of the house. It’s so much more than just a room where we sit and eat our food.  It’s where we spend holidays, tell important family news, it’s a source of comfort when things aren’t right.  This is why it’s so important that your dining room reflects your family’s style. There are so many ways to style your dining room, here are just a few of the many ways you can make your dining room feel like home.

Boho Chic
Would you trade a suburban bi-level for a custom refurbished building with exposed brick any day? Do your ears perk up when you hear the words “converted barn art-space”? If the answer is unanimously yes, your dining room style is boho chic.

Don’t be mistaken, the new boho chic is a big departure from loud and bawdy. Boho chic is a marriage of raw surfaces, repurposed textiles, and soft rounded lines. It combines earthiness with modern touches. It brings together industrial textures, with plush accents.

The styling of this Boyer Casual Dining Room Group by Coaster is the perfect example of modern boho chic. Notice the exposed brick, the reclaimed barn wood against the smooth lines of the table and chairs. The plush rug adds just the right amount of curve and softness.

Class And Country
Do you prefer the great wide open to city streets? Do you find you have green grass between your toes more than you wear shoes? Does grandma’s lemonade sound better than any fancy drink you could buy? Do you have a hutch full of antiques and memories? Does your home have to be as conformable as it is beautiful? Then your dining room style is Class and Country.

Class and country is a seamless combination of rustic wood pieces, with copper and leather accents, combined with refined antiques, soft patterned rugs, lots of whites to balance the wood tone, all bathed in tons of natural sunlight. And there’s always room for great-grandmas antique china alongside a mason jar full of sweet tea. The combination of rustic and refined fits like a glove.

The styling of this Cannon Valley Casual Dining Group by Jofran is an excellent illustration of class and country style. Notice the light colored, soft patterned rug highlighting the dark, antiqued dining set with leather accents. The single orchid adds sophistication, while the buffet is filled with a mix of old world and modern styled flatware.

Modern Retro
Do you admire unique architecture for it’s clean lines and bold expressive angles? Does modern art appeal to you? Do you have an eye for matching vibrant shades with daring textures? Do you think everything goes better with a splash of color? It’s no surprise that your dining room style is modern retro.

You like mixing the angles and color of 50’s era modern art with contemporary upholstering and sleek accents. You draw in the best of modernism and contemporary design like a present day Picasso. The end result is a room filled with interest, color and, most importantly, comfort.

The styling of this Andenne 5 Piece Glass Top Counter Table Set by Coaster is ideal modern retro. It combines the style of the 50’s with streamlined contemporary accents, like the combination of the shag throw and bright, angular chairs, with the curves of the table base and the lines of the glass tabletop. The splash of modern art on the wall compliments the red and brings out a subtle turquoise hue in the glass and wall accent. It’s part both old and part new, but all comfort and refinement.

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