Creative Storage Solutions For Your Home


Isn’t it incredible how much stuff we need to find places for in our homes? Sure, there’s always a certain amount that just accumulates and we rarely if ever use it. But even after cleaning those thing out and ensuring that we’re only dealing with things that our family members actually use and care about, it often feels like there’s just not enough room to keep everything organized and accessible, while also keeping it out of sight when it’s not in use.

Some storage solutions are pretty obvious, like using a Stonenesse Grey Storage Ottoman With Button Tufting by Coaster  in the living room to keep afghans, blankets, and slippers handy, but out of sight; or adding an Cantata Traditional Computer Armoire by Riverside Furniture to keep the computer, game console, and peripherals neat and allow you to shut the door on them when it’s time to do something else. In other cases, the solutions need a bit more flexible thinking.

Getting Creative With Storage Solutions
One key to successfully coming up with storage solutions in your home is letting go of labels, and looking at form and function. Sure, the manufacturer may call this a Mission Hill 10-Drawer dresser, but wouldn’t it be the perfect place to organize and store the miles of tangled yarn that are currently taking over your den, or all that fabric, sewing notions, and the piles of patterns dating back to 1983? There’s even a perfect place to put your sewing machine on top. Maybe yarn and fabric aren’t your thing, but a good-looking dresser can fit into pretty much any room in the house, and store just about any kind of arts and crafts materials that are causing clutter and chaos. As an added bonus, you’re more likely to actually use those materials, once they’re organized and accessible!

Take a look at this. It’s a sleek, Entertainment Units Low TV Console w/ Metal Base by Coaster, or it’s a parent-sanity-saving storage unit with one huge drawer for each kid, three cubbies, and an easy-clean top for coloring, playing with toy cars and trucks, or working on puzzles. Wouldn’t it be great to never step on a Lego brick again? Put a Lego bucket in the drawer, and save your feet!

Another storage solution that can make a world of difference in a kid’s room is a loft bed. For younger children, a loft bed that’s closer to the ground with drawers and shelves underneath, like the Embrace Twin Loft Bed by Signature Design by Ashley is a safe way to add a great deal of extra storage. For Tweens and teens, a taller loft bed with a desk/workstation underneath, like the Bunks Workstation Full Loft Bed by Coaster takes full advantage of every cubic inch of bedroom space.

If you’ve always wished you had a fireplace, but your house didn’t come with one, you can add storage and the comforting warmth and glow of a fireplace, without the expense of installing a chimney and firebox. The Blaneville Rustic Style Media Chest features two drawers, two cabinets, and two open storage spaces, along with an electric fireplace insert. The insert uses a near-silent fan to blow the heated air into the room, and it’s controlled by a thermostat and protected with an overheat control switch that automatically shuts the unit down if it begins to overheat. You get a bunch of extra storage, and the pleasure of a warm fire on a chilly day, and you’ll never have to haul wood or shovel ash. If you have more available space and want larger storage capabilities with an electric fireplace, the Trinell Rustic Collection by Signature Design by Ashley offers several additional options.

Let Us Help You Find More Creative Storage Solutions
If you need more ideas to find the creative storage solutions that will make your home more comfortable and organized, visit your nearest Value City, NJ store, and we’ll be happy to help! We have decades of experience in helping families like yours create comfortable and stylish homes on all types of budgets.



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