Create the Best Centralized Space in Your Home, Your Entertainment Center


An entertainment center for the home is an essential fixture for creating high-quality family time. It serves as a central hub for gathering friends and family to play video games, watch movies, or just enjoy each other’s company. In some cases, it can even be used as additional seating in a living room or hosting area.
No matter what its purpose is, an entertainment center needs to provide top-notch quality of service so that everyone can have enjoyable experiences. Whether you’re renting DVDs at a local shop or streaming movies online with your apps at home – an entertainment center can be a great addition to any living space as it adds enjoyment and value to your current lifestyle.

Entertainment Centers for Smaller Spaces

Farmhouse TV Console

Tedra Collection by Furniture of America


Maximize your wall space and create an enjoyable entertainment experience with a space-saving mounted entertainment center. This type of unit doesn’t take up precious floor space and provides ample storage without sacrificing style or comfort. With all of your media in one place, you can relax in the comfort of your own home knowing that all of your favorite movies, shows, games and music are close at hand. Don’t just settle for an ordinary entertainment center – opt for one that is both minimalistic and efficient in maximizing the wall space you have available with a mounted unit.

Cable Management in Entertainment Centers

Traditional Entertainment Center with Display Storage

Vendome II Collection by Acme Furniture

SKU: 91310

The ever-present issue of hiding wires while still having an aesthetically pleasing entertainment center is a common problem faced by many homeowners. With a range of solutions available, it is now easier than ever to solve this eye sore and create a space in your home that looks modern, organized and clutter-free.
Some ways to hide wires are by mounting the TV onto the wall, using drawers or shelves for storage, installing cable management systems under desks and cabinets and using strategically placed furniture to block the view. The options are endless, so be sure to explore all of them. With proper planning and implementation, you can have an entertainment center that sets the tone for your home and shows off your style.

Setting the Mood

Wall Unit with Fireplace & 2 Piers in Rustic Gray Finish

Wynnlow Collection by Signature Design by Ashley

SKU: W440-68+2×24+27+W100-101

Setting the right mood in your entertainment centers can be challenging. Whether it’s creating a cozy atmosphere for a movie night or setting up an entertaining ambiance for the party of the year, you need to make sure that everything is perfect. A key element that can easily adjust the ambiance of your entertainment center is lighting. RGB lighting, light strips and soft lighting elements can do wonders to set up an inviting environment. Strategically placed candles, fireplaces and cozy furniture are some other things that will contribute to uplift the mood of your entertainment center even more.

Having an entertainment center in your home offers a great way to bring the family together to watch movies, play video games, or just enjoy some quiet time. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or uninviting – decorating your entertainment center can give it a fresh, inviting feel with minimal effort. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can use items like vases, books or photo frames to enhance the atmosphere without compromising on its practicality. With careful planning of how you place and store items around your entertainment center, you can easily avoid clutter while creating a wonderfully personalized space for everyone in your family to enjoy.


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