Don’t Sacrifice Style To Get A Kid-Resistant Living Room Set


If you’re an active family with small children and pets, you may have resigned yourself to either keeping the funky old living room furniture until the kids are a bit older, or to the prospect of buying furniture that’s durable, but well, not so stylish. If that sounds familiar, take a deep breath, wipe your mind clean, and prepare to smile, because today’s upholstery fabrics and furniture manufacturing techniques offer far more protection against the wear and tear of family life than ever before, and you don’t have to settle for a sturdy-but-unattractive hulk of a couch to get it. Take this Forsan Nuvella Contemporary Loveseat by Benchcraft, for example. It absolutely oozes class, but it’s also so comfortable and stain-resistant, your friends and neighbors might never know how loved and sat-on it really is!

Stylish Form, Updated For Actual People
The sleek, clean lines of mid-century modern style are one of those most popular looks in many areas of interior design today, and the living room is no exception. Original mid-century modern furniture heavily favored edgy form over simple function like being comfortable for actual people to sit on, and many of the fabrics were fussy and impractical for daily life (we’re looking at you, silk shantung!). Thankfully, while the look carries on, the hard and uncomfortable furniture of yesteryear has been updated and re-engineered to reflect what we now know about ergonomics. Take

Sectional Living Room Sets Offer Maximum Flexibility
As your family grows and your kids mature, your family interests and activities will undoubtedly change. You may rent or buy a new home, or you may just decide to move things around your current home to better suit the way you want to use your space. For all of these reasons and many more, a sectional living room set can give you more design options than other living room sets because you can separate the pieces as you need, or add coordinating stand-alone pieces like an ottoman or accent chairs. The Kirwin Nuvella Stationary Living Room Group is an excellent example of the versatility and style of a sectional living room set.

Performance Upholstery Fabric Tough Enough For Family Life
Nuvella performance upholstery fabric offers incredible resistance to fading or localized loss of color because it is not dyed as fabric; it’s dyed as fiber that is then spun into yarn and woven into fabric. That means there is no part of the fabric that isn’t dyed. Nuvella fabric provides a comfortable seating surface, yet it resists staining, and is easy to clean, so you can have beautiful and stylish furniture, even with kids and pets! Choose the color combination that reflects your true style, and enjoy it for years to come, because the frame construction is a durable as the upholstery, so it’ll hold up, even when the kids are teenagers and they bring their friends home!

Bring The Family For A Test Sit On Your New Living Room Set
Visit your nearest Value City, NJ store  to check out your choices in living room sets, and bring the family for a test sit, so you get the one that suits you family, your style, and your space perfectly! Choose a recliner or a pair of accent chairs to complete the look, add a couple of Industrial Snack Tables by Coaster, and your living room will be ready for years of family holidays, birthday parties, graduations, and game nights with friends!


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