Everything You Need to Know About Fire Tables

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Fire tables bring elegance and comfort to – the table. Gather and get comfortable around the fire while dinning, relaxing or entertaining. Tabletops provide sufficient space to serve rounds of appetizers, drinks and dinners. A live flame burns in the center of the table creating warmth and a pleasing aesthetic. Enjoy cool summer nights cozying up with friends and loved ones, in luxury.

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What is a fire table?

Fire tables are an optimized version of a fire pit. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of sitting at a table, with plenty of space to dine and entertain, while also getting to relax by a cozy live-flame fire. The tables are manufactured with a variety of materials including stainless steel, cast aluminum, fiberglass, stone etc. Specific types of materials provide differences in finish, weight and longevity. Stainless steel won’t rust. Aluminum is light weight, making it easy to rearrange. Likewise, there are various fuel types that can be utilized such as natural gas, propane, ethanol etc. Natural gas would likely cost more upfront for installation, but may be a cheaper and more reliable resource than propane tanks that can deplete mid use. Propane tanks must be regularly repurchased or refilled at your local hardware store, which can become a hassle in comparison to a unit that functions just as easily as your kitchen stove. These differences should be taken into consideration when purchasing a new fire table to ensure you choose one that aligns with your preferences and budget.


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Choosing a fire table.

Looks aside, there are a few basic requirements that should be identified prior to embarking on a search for a new fire table. One of the most important aspects that must be considered is the size of the table. How large should this table be, at minimum? One should decide how many people they need to typically fit around the table. Tables can range in size from stand alone to accommodating 8+ people. The next thing to determine is the style of the table you would like to add to your outdoor design. Whether the table is being added to an existing outdoor setup or an entire space is being newly planned, choose a table that offers functionality that aligns with your lifestyle, in a material that compliments your personal style and budget, with the most sustainable operation.


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Incorporating a fire table into your outdoor space.

Being mindful of how an outdoor space is designed by considering your personal needs and the best location to install furniture, will allow you to get the most benefits out of your investment. A fire table will transform any outdoor space into an ambient and cozy atmosphere. Family and friends will fall in love with gathering around the fire table for dinner, drinks, warmth, family game night, or even roasting marshmallows! The possibilities for enjoyment and entertainment are limitless – just sit down.


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