Ergonomic Solutions For You Home Workspace

When the pandemic started, many of us thought working from home would be temporary. We thought that after a few months we’d be back in our old buildings and our familiar offices, but it seems as though working from home will be the norm. Although working from home has its advantages, because many of us didn’t plan for this to be long term, We didn’t plan out an ergonomic and comfortable workspace that will keep our body free from aches and pains.

Sitting for hours hunched over a kitchen table looking at your laptop can take its toll on your back, your neck, and your shoulders. Over time this can cause long term pain and even joint issues that might need he doctors attention. Regaining good posture with the right types of home office furniture can make all the difference.

Here are some ways to avoid back, neck and overall body pain while working at home.

Neck And Shoulder Pain
Shoulder and neck pain happened when you have consistent bad posture while working. There are a couple of ways to help correct bad posture: buy a desk that is the correct height. How will you know? If you’re sitting at the desk in question and your laptop is just at eye level. If your laptop is eye level, it forces you to straighten your back and thrust your shoulders slightly back. This will help to straighten out your posture and relieve your pain.

Back Pain
Leaning forward and down to look at your laptop can compress your vertebrae, putting strain on your back. This is not only painful, but it can ultimately lead to injury. And back injuries are very difficult to correct and to mitigate. The solution is to find an office chair that has the right lumbar support for you. When you’re sitting in your chair, if you feel like you’re in a slightly reclined position then you’ve found the right chair. You may need to try out a few chairs to figure out which one is for you.

This black and orange office chair from the Niklaws Collection by Acme Furniture offers premium lumbar and arm support for maximum comfort, which minimizes back discomfort and pain.

Leg Pain, Cramps And “Pins And Needles”
You might attempt to try and get comfortable while sitting at your kitchen table, which may cause you 2 position your legs in ways that might cause injury. Cramping and “Pins and Needles” is a sign of poor circulation which is caused by sitting on your feet, overall poor posture, and lack of lumbar support. Also sitting still for long periods of time at your kitchen table does not exactly help your leg circulation.

A lift top desk that converts from a sitting desk to a standing desk can help alleviate circulation problems. Being able to fully stand while working will allow for proper blood circulation and therefore alleviate leg pains and cramps. Also standing desks have been known to increase concentration and productivity.

This lift top desk with USB charging ports from the Realyn Collection by Signature Design by Ashley is attractive and it converts from a sitting desk to a standing desk with an easy pull.

Designate A Home Office Space, Even If It Isn’t A Full Room

Even if you don’t have a designated room available, choose a space in your home that is specifically for your home office, even if it’s just a corner in your living room or your dining room. Try using a screen divider to cordon of the space. This will create further separation between your workspace and your relaxation space. This will help you to focus more when you’re working and relax more when you’re not working.

This stylish contemporary room divider from the Indie Collection by Progressive Furniture offers texture and interest to a room, while also dividing your work space and relaxation space.

We Have All Your Ergonomic Home Office Needs

VC Furniture and Mattress has everything you need for a full home office or even a home office corner. From lift desks 2 ergonomic lumbar support office chairs, VC offers a wide variety of office furniture to fit whatever space you have designated. See our online showroom or come visit us in person at one of our convenient locations.


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