Going Casual In The Dining Room


The days of the grand dining room are over! Gone are the days of reserving the dining room for holidays and special occasions—which only adds up to a handful of times a year. What good is a beautiful room you hardly use and that you need to shoo children away from? Today’s modern, casual dining rooms are stylish enough to entertain guests, yet relaxed, intimate, and easy going enough for everyday use.

Set The Tone With Your Table And Chairs
In the dining room, your table is the centerpiece. Choose a table doesn’t require a tablecloth or placemats. Instead of a dark, glossy mahogany table with intricately carved legs, go for a lighter design with a slightly weathered finish or a finish that keeps the wood’s grain and knots visible. A trestle design with a traditional “X” base or one that is slightly more ornate like this Orchard Park Farm Table maintains the casual dining room vibe without being overly fussy.

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns! A table set in a less conventional, but welcoming patters like this Alston Pedestal table and chairs set transforms the dining room from formal to fun.

A more subtle way to add color is with a dining room set in a neutral table color accented with colored, upholstered chairs like this Signature Design Coralayne 7-Piece Rectangular Dining Room Extension Table Set, which features a marble top and black wooden base. The set combines casual and modern with delightfully whimsical.

There’s no law that says your dining room table needs to be a rectangle. Circle and square tabletops are a chic way to make family meals and entertaining a far more intimate experience. This Windward Bay Round Dining Table means no one is sitting too far away to talk to the person at the opposite end of the table.

Casual Dining Room Storage: The Buffet And Hutch
Sure, a casual dining room is relaxed enough for on-the-go meals and takeout on paper plates, but there’s also the matter of where to keep silverware, wine glasses, accessories, and the “good” dishes. Buffets and Hutches don’t need to be stodgy. The same principles of light or bright colors, weathered finishes, and unconventional shapes still apply. This Keller Rustic Hutch features rustic molding on the hutch, wood-framed glass cabinet doors and lower cabinet doors with a reclaimed wood feel. It is a charmingly understated and efficient piece that will keep your dining room functional and casual.

Airy ladder designs are a fresh take on shelving. If you want a hutch but can’t commit to an imposing stacked model, this New Charleston Traditional Sideboard and Hutch with a both refined and weathered finish is the perfect compromise. The open design allows you to display decorative touches and family photos that complete your dining room’s casual feel.

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