How To Choose Well-Made Living Room and Bedroom Furniture

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How To Choose Well-Made Living Room and Bedroom Furniture
Let’s face it, The rooms that you spend the most time in are the bedroom and the living room. So above all else, those are the two rooms that require the highest quality furniture you can find. But you also want to get the most bang for your buck 2, right? Right. Because furniture is a huge investment, so you want to make sure that you’re paying for quality. You want beds, dressers, sofas, love seats, and chairs to last, especially if you have children or pets. These foundational pieces of furniture should be well made, stain resistant and elegant. That’s a lot to ask, but if you know what to look for you can find quality bedroom and living room pieces. Construction and materials are both key elements you need to look for in quality bedroom and living room furniture. Here are some tips and how to look for quality when you’re shopping for these items.

How To Look For Quality Living Room Furniture
There are four points that you need to consider when looking for quality living room furniture; the frame, the filling, The support, and the upholstering fabric. These four points will guarantee that your living room furniture is attractive, sturdy, supportive, easy to clean and tear resistant.

Sofas, love seats and chairs that have certified tear resistant stain resistant upholstery fabrics will be easier to clean and stronger than most other upholstery fabrics. These are good choices for families with pets and children. It allows your furniture to get “lived in” without having to constantly worry about ruining the upholstery.

This casual 2-seat sofa from the Gunner Collection By Klaussner offers stain-resistant performance fabric options that make this seating option kid and pet-friendly.

Sofas, love seats, and chairs with spring supported cushions support your hips, back, and neck better than furniture without. You’re going to be sitting on your living room furniture a lot, especially since many of us are still working from home and therefore spending more time at home. You want living room furniture that is going to leave your hips, back, and neck, feeling refreshed and not more painful than when you started.

What Your living room furniture cushions are filled with makes a big difference, both for the comfort of your furniture and the longevity of your furniture. Choose living room furniture with polyurethane filling, as this is the lowest maintenance filling furniture can have. Low quality foam maybe comfortable for a while, but it breaks down overtime leaving your cushions lumpy and uncomfortable.

It may sound strange but looking underneath a chair or a sofa to see how the support structure and frame of your living room furniture is constructed is always a good idea. If the support structure and frame are sturdy, your furniture is going to last for a long time, which is what you want. It will also withstand all the “torture” your children and pets might put it through.

How To Look For Quality Bedroom Furniture
When you’re looking for bedroom furniture, there are three items that need to be sturdy, high quality and comfortable. Those three items are the bed frame, the mattress, and the chest of drawers. These are the three pieces of furniture that are going to get the most use and, if we’re talking about a children’s bedroom, these are also the pieces of furniture that will endure the most “abuse”. So, when considering a child’s room, these three items need to be extra sturdy and very well made. You want to look for dressers in bed frames that are made of both metal and solid wood, and you want to find a high quality, comfortable mattress. There are so many high-quality mattresses on the market now, that choosing a mattress all depends on your needs and your preferences. Whether you get a spring mattress or a foam mattress comment nowadays both are just as high quality as the other, so it’s just a matter of preference.

When looking for dressers and bed frames, make sure that both the wood and metal are thick, strong, and bolted securely to each other. You want to make sure that both wood and metal have a hard, cured finish. This will benefit you two ways: a hard finish is more scratch resistant and is easier to clean. Dressers and bed frames with softer wood finishes and ones that are made from pressboard and particle board, will scratch easily and, over time will become harder and harder to keep clean. Keeping clean is especially important during these times. Being able to wipe down and sanitize the surface is in your bedroom makes for a safer environment for you and your family.

This twin loft bed and with and twin bed set from the Freya Collection by Acme Furniture has a smooth, hard finish that is easy to clean and a sturdy frame that will withstand whatever your child will put it through.

Choose drawers that have metal glides, rails, and stops. This will help your drawers to move back and forth smoothly for years to come. Dressers with a thin sheet of wood between the drawers are also easier to clean because any dust that might accumulate get trapped and stays in one spot. Then you can just wipe it up and move on to the next drawer.
Like we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t really matter whether you buy a spring mattress or a foam mattress. Both types of mattresses are very high quality nowadays. The key is to choose a mattress company with a good reputation. It’s also important to test out mattress. This can be difficult in these trying times, so you can do the next best thing and speak to a reputable retailer about the spring, filling and/or foam ratio. Ask How firm a mattress is and how long is it expected to last. A good, reputable retailer will be able to answer these questions.

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