Big Kid Room Renovations That You’ll Actually Do


Budget Friendly Big Kid Room Renovations That You’ll Actually Do
When your baby is born, everyone comments on how they grow up so fast. Most of us just laugh it off until it actually happens, and your little baby has outgrown their baby stuff and become a big kid. Once we’ve finished ugly crying that our little one isn’t so little anymore, it’s time to think about redecorating and updating their room. That being said, some of the budget renovation ideas out there expect you to be a cross between Picasso, a master carpenter and an interior designer…and even if you were, who has the time nowadays? Here are some budget renovation ideas that are realistic with real results but aren’t really expensive.

First off, there are some things you can and should do on the cheap if you’re renovating for a kid and some things you should never skimp on. There are some things that you shouldn’t skimp on and some things that you can do more cheaply.

Things You Shouldn’t Skimp On:

One thing you should never skimp on is a mattress, for your child, yourself or anyone in your family. A good mattress can alleviate back pain, help with posture and give what every kid needs to grow, give a good night’s rest. However, if your child has outgrown their crib mattress, you can easily upgrade to a twin, before moving up to a full or a queen. Buying a twin for your big kid will allow you to buy a better-quality mattress for less. This Sealy gel memory foam mattress will help your big kid to stay supported cool and comfortable all night long, and they’ll be upgrading to a full or queen by the time this needs to be replaced.

Pillows are the bedroom item people skimp on the most, and they’re almost as important as a mattress. Getting your big kid, the right pillow can help withy neck support and a better night’s sleep. Determine what position your child sleeps in the most and find a supportive pillow that supports your child’s neck in that position. This Signature Shredded Memory Foam Signature Pillow by Protect-a-Bed will help support your big-kid’s neck, which will help with their posture and help them to have a more restful night.

Wall Paint
Whether you choose primary or pastel, eggshell or semi-gloss, always pick high quality paint that dries to a washable surface. This may cost you in the short term, but in the long run, your child’s room will not need to be patched and repainted as often. Also, make sure you keep some paint aside for scratches and smudges that can’t be magic eraser-ed away, because kids will be kids, amiright?

Things You Can (And Should!) Buy Cheaply:

Kids don’t need expensive bedframes. A metal bedframe may not be as elegant, but it will take more abuse and show fewer dings and scratches than its wooden counterpart. For example, this metal bedframe by Coaster is simple, durable and costs less, too. It also comes in three versatile colors! You can wash it down easily and it will look clean and streamlined for years to come.

Repurpose Existing Furniture
Try to use and repurpose as much existing furniture as you can, but don’t take on a project that’s larger than you have time for. Sure, you’re going to see videos and articles about how to turn your kid’s old crib into a gorgeous bench. If you can do that, great! But be realistic with yourself.

If you have limited time and funds, don’t go nuts sanding and refinishing furniture. Unless you’re dealing with antiques, find a high quality, full-coverage paint and cover, cover, cover. Even a high-quality spray paint, applied evenly, can sufficiently cover old furniture well. This should take you one afternoon, if not two. You’ll be left with a high quality, updated piece of furniture that didn’t cost a lot of time or money to finish.

When Choosing New Furniture, Go Neutral
Of the new furniture you have to buy, choose reasonably priced furniture in neutral colors. Make sure the furniture is easy to clean, because kids can be messy. (Trust us!) This will also allow you to mix and match among siblings and neutral colors make it easier to patch any nicks or scratches. This Lulu 2-Drawer Nightstand by Signature Design by Ashley is sturdy, inexpensive, easy to clean and, because the color is neutral, it’s easy to repaint, patch and repair.

Choose Swappable, Budget-Friendly Accessories
Kids change their minds and often, so it’s important to buy accessories, like throw pillows, rugs and linens that are interchangeable. This way, when your big kid grows or gets bored of the current accessories, you can easily and inexpensively replace them. This signature lamp by Ashley is cute, functional and can be changed out when your big kid grows bigger.

You should also consider neutral colored accessories to go with anything. This solid gray rug by Ashley is soft, functional and is neutral enough to last through fads and styles.

Budget Friendly Ideas To Make You Big Kid’s Room Stand Out

Framed Posters
Framing posters is an inexpensive way to add color to a kid’s room. Plus, poster frames are light, cheap and are often plastic, instead of wood and glass, which is safer if a stray ball or toy were to soar through the air.

Wall Decals
Decals are a cheap way to add pizazz and color to a big kid’s room. Just do your research and make sure that the adhesive doesn’t ruin your fresh coat of paint.

Customize Your Curtains
Customize curtains by using a character flat sheet that’s been cut on half longways. Use an iron and fusible bonding web, like Stitch Witchery, to keep the cut ends from fraying. Then cut open the fold at the top of the sheet to fit the curtain rod.

Value City Can Help
Watching your little kid grow up is hard. Value City can help you to navigate that first (and most painful) upgrade from baby to big kid. Find out how we can help you design a budget friendly big kid’s room, visit us in person or online!


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