Seven Tips For Choosing And Caring For Patio Furniture


Summer is finally here—time to relax, entertain, and spend time with family and friends outdoors. The right patio furniture combines comfort, durability, and style. Whether you host weekend barbeques or bask outside in the serenity of long days, follow these eight tips for furnishing your backyard oasis and keeping it looking great for years to come.

1. Keep It Simple
To maintain your furniture with minimal effort, look for patio furniture that is easy to clean. Wrought iron and aluminum are good options. Resin wicker is a newer material that resembles wicker, but it more weather resistant and durable. This Signature Collection Silent Brook Outdoor Chat Set by Ashley is a perfect example of how beautiful, simple and durable resin wicker can be.

2. Know Your Measurements
There’s nothing worse than getting your new furniture home and realizing it doesn’t fit! Just as with indoor furniture, knowing the amount of space you’re working with will help guide your purchase.

3. Lighten Up
Select light-colored hues for cushion upholstery. It is less apt to fade over time than darker colors, especially if your patio furniture is not shaded by a roof or awning.

This Signature Design Spring Dew Outdoor Conversation Set by Ashley is textured enough to always look clean and light enough to resist fading.

4. Placement Counts
Arrange patio furniture so there is some distance between it and surrounding trees, shrubs, and foliage. The bark and oils from trees including oak, palm, hickory, and other nut trees can stain cushion fabric.

5. Choose Fade-Resistant And Stain-Resistant Fabrics
Choose fade-resistant and stain-resistant fabrics for patio furniture seat cushions. Brands like Nuvella may cost a bit more, but they solution dyed fabrics are made to withstand the weather and resist stains. They will ultimately last longer and better maintain their color.

This Signature Design Abbots Court Outdoor Conversation Set by Ashley is as tough as it is beautiful. The Nuvella cushions resist fading and stains and resin wicker has the look of wicker with a quarter of the maintenance.

6. Clean Carefully
Use a pressure washer set to low to remove built-up dirt on wrought-iron and PVC (durable, furniture grade plastic) patio furniture. Wipe down metal chair legs and bases with a damp cloth. Spot clean cushions using a soft brush and a mixture of water and mild soap. Avoid bleach—it is generally too harsh. If you must use bleach to remove mildew stains, mix a well-diluted solution of bleach and water.

7. Provide Cover
Patio furniture is designed to withstand the elements, but keeping it protected in bad weather will prolong its life. To prevent rust on metal and dirt and mold on wood during summer storms, move furniture to a covered area.

During the winter, store it in a garage or basement. Another option is to cover it with heavy plastic or a tarp.  They are sold at home centers and gardening supply stores.

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