Stain resistant fabrics for peace of mind


Keep Your Home Bright and Full of Life With Easy To Care For Stain Resistant Fabrics
Being kept in by COVID has us all looking for shortcuts to save our sanity. For what seems like months upon months, many of us have been cleaning house, clearing clutter, and generally working to make our home life as pleasant as possible. Our environment has a direct correlation on how we feel mentally so it’s imperative we keep ourselves and our families as happy and stress-free as we can

Stain Resistant Fabrics Are Key To Keeping Home Work Light
School is back in session and for many of us that means we are wearing multiple hats as career parents and teachers on top of keeping our homes liveable and loving. While the kids are doing their homework assignments and studying, we are hurrying around the house collecting laundry, vacuuming, prepping meals and cleaning messes. We need all the help we can get and stain resistant fabric on furniture is a huge way to reduce the stress of mess.

Kids, Pets And Mess
No matter what age your kids are, accidents happen. Juice gets spilled. Skinned knees slide across sofas. Snacks get dropped. If you have pets your risk is doubled! Dirty paws on chairs and hairballs on rugs are never fun to clean. This stain resistant fabric comfortable chair from the Tilly Collection by Klaussner is a great way to cut time cleaning up. Even those of us that live alone have accidents. When was the last time you spilled a bit of wine or dropped a cheese puff between the sofa cushions? It happens – that’s all part of life. And rather than have a meltdown before stopping what we are doing to scrub stains that seemingly never come out, we have to be proactive!

Spills Happen Everywhere
Watching a movie and having some snacks are a great way to unwind – until that jump scare makes you lose your spoon and chocolate ice cream lands on the cushion. A nice relaxing dinner is nice too until a glass of red wine spills on the dining room chair. You won’t think twice if you have a stain resistant fabric counter stool from the Elm Collection by Cramco, Inc. The bench in the foyer is nice to have for taking off shoes after school until you realize the neighbor’s dog used your lawn as a bathroom and you tracked it inside onto the cushion. This ottoman cocktail table from the Twin Cities Collection by Jofran easily doubles as a bench, thereby saving time and frustration when it comes to cleaning. Any place that has fabric is at risk for stain. Prevent that headache from happening in the first place and get stain resistant fabric furniture!

Sofas, Chairs And More
Stain resistant fabric is not new but now it’s so easy to find it’s almost silly not to consider it as an option when buying new furniture. You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality either! There are lots of gorgeous stain resistance fabric sofas that will fit in perfectly with your current decor. For instance, take this cute sofa from the Tilly Collection by Klaussner. It’s perfect alone or can be easily coordinated to any style!. Want to update your dining room? It’s ridiculously easy to do with these stain resistant fabric upholstered side chairs from the Centiar Collection by Signature by Ashley. Even if you just want to add a little seasonal update to your living room, this casual power motion high leg recliner from the Township Collection by Klaussner will do the trick! Are you a slipcover fan? Consider getting this vintage two-seat sofa with stain resistant fabric slipcover from the Jojo Collection by Klaussner.

Wear, Tear, And Easy To Clean
One of the best things about stain resistant fabric is how easy it is to clean! Most times all you need is a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or superficial signs of aging. Just imagine how great it would be to update your bedroom. With a new stain resistant fabric bed like the Miranda upholstered bed with nailheads from the Upholstered Beds and Headboards Collection by Klaussner you can keep it looking fresh and fantastic all year around without sacrificing style.

In short, there are several ways to cut corners with household chores. Decluttering and recycling are fantastic ways to help with that. Just don’t forget to look at the big picture too and think about the coming months or even years. Who knows when (or if!) we will ever get back to “normal”. We may have to adjust to a new normal. Either way, stain resistant fabric is a great way to help with peace of mind both now and later. So stop by one of the nine Value City Furniture Store locations and see what your options are. If you would rather shop from the comfort of your home while wearing your bathrobe that’s okay too! It’s easy to shop online and pick out your new furniture – there’s a bit of everything to meet whatever your needs may be this season.


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