The Living Room Set: Your Blank Canvas


The living room is where friends and family gather. When guests enter your home and you tell them to have a seat, odds are it’ll be in the living room. It should be comfortable and inviting to all who enter. More than any other room in your home, your living room should dress to impress. Your sofa and loveseat frame the space that the rest of your living room décor is built around. Before you add color, texture, and depth with area rugs, accent pieces, pillows, and throws, you need a blank canvas. That is what a living room set provides.

First And Foremost
Measure the area where you want to place your living room set. Know the maximum dimensions that will fit the space you are furnishing. Additionally, check the dimensions of any doors and stairways that the sofa, loveseat, and any additional furniture will have to pass through on delivery.

Smaller Living Rooms
With the right living room set, smaller rooms can look more expansive. The secret is to choose a sofa and love seat that are perched higher off the floor. This creates a sense of space and light. The legs on the Natalia stationary group by Coaster are raised just enough to see the floor underneath.

A Room Within A Room
Open room designed homes continue to be popular. In an open room design, there are no walls or only partial walls between the shared living areas: the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The result is an increased sense of flow throughout the space. A living room set arranged on top of an area rug can create a “living room” space while maintaining the open, airy feel. When thinking about furniture placement, note any special considerations you need to take into account about the area you intend to situate them. For example, if one of the pieces is in front of a window, you might want lower backs on the sofa and loveseat so they don’t block the view. If either piece will sit in direct sunlight, opt for a lighter color, as darker colors are more apt to fade over time.

Err On The Side Of Neutrals
A living room set is a significant investment. You don’t want to be stuck with pieces that still have a lot of life in them, but you feel compelled to replace because you’re no longer in love with the color or pattern. There are so many ways to inject color into a room with far less commitment: accent chairs, ottomans, pillows, and wall art just to name a few. This gorgeous Alexis stationary group by Coaster is just waiting to be accessorized with a pop of color.

Take It For A Test Drive
A sofa and loveseat aren’t items you can buy online without trying out first. When you’re in the showroom, sit on the furniture like you would at home. Would you be able to sleep on it? Are the cushions deep enough? Are the armrests a good height? The same Roberson Set features seat cushions constructed with 1.8-density foam and Comfort technology, a careful mix of six layers of outstanding bonded, compression, and dense foam support.

Avoid Delicate Upholstery
Between children, pets, and company, wear and tear on your living room set is inevitable. Luxe upholstery might look lovely in the showroom, but it’s not worth fretting over every time someone sits down. Instead, opt for fabrics that are easy to spot clean.

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