The Perfect Mattress Is Key To A Good Night’s Sleep


Have you ever wondered how mattresses really affect your sleep? Do you think all mattresses are basically the same? The sad truth is, most of us don’t get good solid sleep each night and we suffer the repercussions every morning. We all know it’s absolutely key to our physical and mental health to get that ever-elusive eight hours of a full sleep cycle. We crave it. Want strive for it. Many of us have created a bedtime ritual to help promote it because more than anything else, we want to wake up in the morning feeling alert, healthy, and ready for whatever the day may bring. If you have tried all this and still struggle with falling asleep at a decent time, wake up frequently throughout the night, or still wake up feeling like you barely slept at all, it might be your mattress to blame for all your nighttime woes. Read on to learn about the differences and how to find the perfect mattress for you.

There Are Five Key Components To Look For In The Perfect Mattress.
There isn’t necessarily one component in the mattress that holds more importance than the others. It’s the way all the characteristics come together in one magical, symbiotic mashup that makes the perfect mattress for you different than the perfect mattress for someone else. Here we take a look at the five aspects you need to think about when shopping.

  1. Type. You’ve likely at least heard of coil spring mattresses and probably slept on one or two in your lifetime. They are the mattresses most of us grew up on, providing traditional support and comfort. The second main type is the memory foam mattress, which contours to your body and provides support where needed most. Lastly, there’s the hybrid mattress, composed of coils and memory foam; giving you support that conforms to your body with various levels of comfort.

  1. Comfort. We all want comfort in a mattress but how much comfort do you need in the perfect mattress for you? Levels vary from firm and medium to plush and ultra plush. You might automatically think you want an ultra plush mattress but a good sleep can be affected by what your body’s specific needs are. In reality, you may need something a bit more firm or supportive – or you many have tender areas that do require that extra plushness.

    3. Size. We are all pretty familiar with mattress sizes. Do you know all the sizes available though and what the differences are? Do you know what a twin XL mattress is? Or a California King? You might be surprised at the sizes and what size is the perfect mattress for you. Some people have a wide circumference within their comfort zone and want no one touching them, which obviously requires a large mattress for ultimate comfort. Other people prefer to sleep close together and need something less expansive.

    4. Brand. There are mattress brands out there to meet everyone’s needs. Some brands have been around forever – the ones we grew up with like Sealy (1881), Beautyrest (1925) and Serta (1931). These tried and true brands have provided support for generations passed and will for many more to come. When shopping for the perfect mattress, though, don’t sell yourself short by not checking out the newer brands like Tempurpedic, Sierra Sleep by Ashley, and Ideal Sleep. They all have a wide variety of styles to offer!

    5. Base. Wait a minute – aren’t all bed bases the same? While it’s easy to assume that, there are quite a few different bases available. Depending on what kind of sleeper you are, your perfect mattress might include an adjustable base. Aren’t adjustable beds just for seniors? Actually, no! There are many advantages to sleeping on an adjustable base including reduction on pressure points, decreased back pain, less snoring, less acid reflux and heartburn, and improved circulation – not to mention customized comfort no matter your favorite sleep position. Adjustable bases are for everyone!

Find The Perfect Mattress For You
Some of us prefer sleeping on our backs; some on our tummies. Some of us can’t sleep unless we are on our sides with one arm tucked up under the pillow. Some people cannot sleep unless at least one fur baby is snuggled up with us as we drift off to dreamland. All these factors – and more – contribute to how well we sleep and what kind of mattress we need. Take the “Find Your Better Night’s Sleep” quiz now to discover your very own perfect mattress.

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