Size Matters…When Choosing a Mattress, That Is


4 Tips For Buying a Better Mattress And Getting A Comfortable Sleep

A crucial part of a healthy lifestyle is getting a good night’s sleep, but sadly most of us don’t get enough sleep or good, quality sleep. The two equations here are time (or lack of it) and a high-quality mattress. Unfortunately, we often prioritize binging our favorite show, finishing the tail end of our workday or even playing a video game or an addictive app on our phone over getting enough sleep. Also, most Americans don’t prioritize buying a high-quality mattress or replacing their old mattress with a better  mattress. Here are some tips to manage your time better and some pointers on choosing a high-quality mattress, both of which will give you a more comfortable sleep.

  1. What’s Your Comfort Zone?
    That’s right, literally determine what kind of mattress is most comfortable for you. Do you prefer a softer bed? Do you prefer a firmer bed? The key to these elements is the materials the bed is made of and the three basic materials are springs or coils, memory foam or a hybrid of the two. Coil mattresses are often firmer and memory foam is often softer. Hybrid memory foam/coil mattresses offer a middle ground for those who want support, but like some softness as well. This Kelburn II Queen Performance Hybrid Mattress by Sealy offers the best attributes of memory foam and coil mattresses.
  2. What Are Your Sleep Needs?
    First think about what you like. Do you like softer or firmer mattresses? What you prefer is all good, but you also have to think about what you need. You may need a firmer or softer mattress to accommodate back pain or improve circulation. You should consider compromising between wants and needs in order to get the best quality sleep possible. For example, this Lavina Queen 11″ Firm Pocketed Coil Mattress by Sealy offers comfort and firmness.
  3. What’s The Quality Of The Mattress?
    You can decide on materials, your wants vs your needs, but if your mattress isn’t high quality, you’ll still be tossing and turning. The construction and quality of a mattress can play a huge role in how comfortable it is. Don’t be fooled by the mail order mattress orders that are popping up like wildfire. Take this Optimistic Full 11″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Sealy. It’s backed by Sealy’s quality guarantee, so you know it’s going to last.
  4. Do You Set Sleep Goals?Like we mentioned earlier, we can’t tell you how and when to sleep. However, there are things you can do to get your brain in the mood for sleep. Set a limit on how long you’ll play games on your phone, so you don’t spend half the night doing it. Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Prioritize your sleep. A surprising amount of people lose sleep over TV binging, so have a set time when you turn off Netflix or Amazon prime. Don’t fall asleep in your clothes, put on PJs and have a bedtime routine. Getting your brain ready for sleep is almost as important as sleep itself.Value City Is Your Mattresses Source
    Don’t be drawn in by online mattress companies that promise comfort and quality, come to any of our locations and see the quality for yourselves. Value City Furniture has mattresses to fit every budget, style and need.


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