Tips For Creating An Enticing Entryway


Form and function intersect in your home’s entryway. Also known as a “mud room” or foyer, the entryway is a hub of activity that serves as your home’s first impression, welcoming family and visitors alike into the rest of the house. The space must also be functional with plenty of storage for coats, umbrellas, and shoes. Designing your entryway is an opportunity to express your individuality and creativity. Read on for tips on how to create an enticing entryway that hits all the right notes!

Create A Statement Wall
Entryways are often partitioned from the rest of the house, which gives you the perfect opportunity to go bold without interfering with the rest of your home’s décor. A bright pop of color or patterned wallpaper will add drama and depth, without the need for too many decorative accessories.

Go Gallery
Artwork, framed images, and family photos don’t need to be reserved for the living room. A painting or interesting configuration of photos can create a chic, gallery feel for all who enter.

Light The Way
Beautiful lighting ties together the look of any room. Gone are the days of clunky, candelabra-style chandeliers. Pendant lights affixed to the ceiling can be artwork all on their own. From rustic chic to edgy and modern to playfully whimsical, the options are limitless! Adelphia Pendant Light by Ashley chic statement lighting that emits a warm glow.

Select Furnishings With Multiple Functions
A padded-top bench with cubbies or an open area for several storage baskets can do double duty as a space to stow gear and as a sitting area to put shoes on. Combine the storage bench with a corresponding shelving unit with coat hooks to preserve valuable closet space. Mounted shelves with hooks screwed to the underside can do the job as well. Cappuccino Hall Tree by Coaster provides storage and a seat for putting on shoes.

Mirror, Mirror
A mirror can add depth and reflect light in small spaces, making it look bigger in addition to adding grandeur to larger area. A mounted mirror also gives you the opportunity for one last look before rushing out the door. Just like shelving designed specifically for foyers, some mirrors are equipped with hooks for bags and keys. As with shelving, once the mirror is in place, appropriately sized hooks can be installed along the sides or lower edge for a seamless look. Ivanna Mirror by Ashley is a stylish way to amplify your entryway space.

Don’t Forget The Kiddos!
Along with being adorable, kid-height shelves and hooks create an easily accessible space for children to stow and grab pint-sized coats, boots and umbrellas.

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