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Size Matters…When Choosing Your Mattress, That Is!

It’s time to buy a new mattress, but you’re not sure which size is right for you. Maybe your tween just had a growth spurt, maybe you just go married or maybe your little one just graduated to a “big kid bed”. Size does matter, but, contrary to common belief, bigger isn’t always better. It all depends on the space, the size of the sleeper and how soft (or hard) the sleeper needs their mattress.

Which Mattress Is “Just Right”?
We all remember the three bears, right? Goldilocks visits the three bears’ bedroom, tests all three beds and decides that the baby bear’s bed is “just right”.  We all wish for that “Goldilocks moment”, right? Here are some ways you can determine which mattress is “just right” for you.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better, But Knowing Your Mattress Specs Helps

Twin And Twin XL
The good old twin mattress! For most of us, this was the first mattress we remember. And for most kids, this mattress is perfectly suitable. They’re roughly 39″x 75″, so they’re ideal for smaller rooms and apartments. They’re also the least expensive of all mattress choices, however the twin mattress is usually not big enough for an adult to sleep on comfortably.

The twin XL is a twin mattress that’s a little longer, roughly 5 inches, than it’s conventional counterpart. The Twin XL mattress, like this Coaster Grand Terrace Pocket Coil Mattress, is the mattress of choice for most dorm rooms. Most often dorm mattresses are old and uncomfortable, depending on how old the dorm room is, so it’s common for parents to buy a new twin XL mattress for their newly-minted first-year student.

A full-sized bed is in between a twin mattress and a queen-sized mattress. They’re 54″ x 75″, which is large enough for two children or one grown adult. Full-sized beds are ideal for teenagers, especially if you have particularly tall teenager who’s outgrown their twin mattress.

This full-sized Sealy Copper Hybrid Cushion Firm mattress has a combination of foam and springs, a perfect blend of support and comfort for a teen who may be growing out of their twin mattress. But this isn’t the bed for more than one teen or adult, unless you like squeezing or you have a gold medal in cuddling.

The queen-sized mattress is by far the most versatile of all mattresses. At 60″x80″, it can comfortably fit two people with room for a toddler who can’t sleep or a fur baby who’s scared of the dark. This is a great bed for couples that are just starting out, because it’s roomy, but not as pricy as the king or California king-sized bed.

A queen-sized mattress, like this Stearns & Foster Villa Ascoli Firm Tight Top Mattress and Low Profile Foundation, is the perfect bed for a guest room, because it can fit in most spaces and it accommodates the widest variety of sleepers, whether it’s your grandma vising in the guestroom, your German shepherd, who thinks he’s a person, jumps into bed or your co-sleeping toddler needing some reassurance.

King And California King
The king and California king-sized beds truly live up to their names. These weigh in at the biggest mattresses, at 78″x80″ and 72″x84″ respectively. It’s been said that the California king or Western king-sized mattress was originally produced as an oversized version of the original king-sized bed specifically for Hollywood mansions, which explains the name. But the king-sized bed isn’t just a lavish, oversized bed for high-end tastes.

This Tempur-Contour Elite California King Medium-Firm Mattress, like all California king mattresses, has enough room for the tallest sleepers. Not only is this is the best mattress for tall sleepers, but it’s also the best for parents who have a family bed. Just because the queen-sized mattress will accommodate your toddler, doesn’t mean you won’t wake up with a tiny foot in your face. And if you’re waking up with more than one set of feet (or paws) in your face, you need to switch to a king or California king-sized bed.

Firm Or Soft?
If you’re young, fit and have moderate to no back pain, a soft mattress is key. If you’ve got moderate to severe back pain, a firmer mattress will offer you the compression and support you’ll need.

Now when we say “firm”, we don’t mean hard. Most mattresses are either made of memory foam or have a reinforced memory foam pad. The firmness of the foam will often determine the firmness of the mattress. That doesn’t mean a firm mattress has no “give”; a mattress should always contour to your body. A mattress that contours too much or too little will cause the most back and joint pain. Regardless of your level of back and joint pain, look for a mattress that supports your body properly.

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