Unique Design Ideas For Styling Your Guest Bedroom

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Unique Design Ideas For Styling Your Guest Bedroom

Whether you have an aunt or a grandmother who stays with you frequently, you have a large family with revolving guests, or your mother-in-law shares time between your home and her other children’s homes, the guest bedroom has become a necessity that allows visitors to have their own space when they stay.

Designing your guest bedroom comes down to a few factors: space, budget and your personal style. Here are a few tips to creating an inviting and beautiful space for your guests.

Is Your Guest Bedroom More Petite? Try A Splash Of Color!
If your guest bedroom on the smaller side, a light, neutral base with a vibrant splash of color can add the illusion of height and space. The key is to work in three’s; pick three things that will be a bright color. Pick another three things that will be a more muted version of that color, then another three in an even more muted version of that color. The rest of the accents need to be light neutrals , like beige and grey.  Window treatments that add natural light also make a room look larger. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, use mirrors to reflect what natural light you do have.

The styling of this Cinrey Queen Bedroom Group by Signature Design by Ashley is an excellent example of the “three by three by three” method of adding color. Notice the size of the room looks significantly bigger because of it. The rug, the throw and one of the shams are a bright orange. The bedspread (and pillows), the flowers and the photo frame are a more muted orange. And, finally the painting, the other accent shams and the curtains are a very muted version of the original orange. The rest of the accents are medium wood tone, grey and white. There are a few black items, like the plant pot, the curtain rods and the decorative orbs on the chest of drawers. Adding black accents can work as a counterpoint to the vibrant color, but aren’t always necessary.

Is Your Guest Bedroom An Irregular Shape? Try Mixing Textures And Lines!
Is your room L-shaped, long and slim, rounded or another irregular shape? This doesn’t necessarily spell a disadvantage. You can create unity by changing up the lines and textures to draw your eye away from the asymmetry and towards the lush textural richness. Choose a handful of colors and decide which neutrals to pair them with. Choose complimentary colors so you can to highlight certain textures. Below is a styling of the Signature Design Daltori Queen Bedroom Group by Ashley that uses the grey to black spectrum with lavender and some green to make the grey scale and lavender pop. This is because the lavender and yellow-green are complementary on the color wheel and complementary colors really accentuate each other.

One thing to note here is the yellow in the brick. It draws your eye to the lavender and green. There is also a marriage and mirroring of lines here that realty stands out. Because this is an L-shaped room, the dressers, the bed and even the pillows mirror that ” L” to draw away from the asymmetry. The angles of the brick, the paintings, photographs, in contrast with the Amayeta lamp and the Odeletta accent mirror draw your eye to the complex textures.

Does Your Guest Bedroom Have A High Ceiling? Warm It Up!
High ceilings can be stunning visually, but sometime it can seem a little cold. So warm it up, with some golden creams, yellows, oranges and reds. If you can’t remember which colors are warm and which are cool, try this mnemonic device. Colors associated with heat, fire or the sun are warm colors. Colors associated with water, clouds, ide and snow are cooler colors.  Warm colors will bring out the glow in a room and can often make an echoing, high-ceiling room seem cozier.

The Styling of this Signature Design Quinden Queen Bedroom Group By Ashley just screams country warmth. The matching Quinden chest of drawers has a golden glow that flickers off of the reds and oranges. The key here is to blend yellows, golds, beiges, browns and oranges in different textures, intensities and patterns. Make sure the walls are a creamy white, not bright white, to pick up the orange and yellow hues. Don’t discount the floor either, make sure your hardwood floor is a light golden blonde. In a warm toned room, never go darker than the darkest shade of homey, and even then, make sure the golden highlights are still present. The blending of country bedding patterns draws you into the center of the room and invites you in.

Do You Need More Ideas For Keeping Your Guests Comfy?
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