Value City NJ Can Take Your Patio Space To The Next Level


5 Tips To Take Your Cozy Patio Space To The Next Level

It’s that time again! Time to dust off your porch or patio and prepare for the warm weather that’s heading our way. It’s time to get ready for entertaining, barbeques and lounging out in the fresh air.  But is your patio space ready?

Patio Spaces Have Come A Long Way; Take Yours To The Next Level
Porches and patio spaces have evolved into a space that is truly an outdoor extension of your home. Ideally your patio space should have all of the comforts of being indoors combined with all of the benefits of being outdoors. Here are some expert tips on how to elevate your patio or porch space to combine comfort, style and functionality.

1. Add An Outdoor Fireplace Or Fire Pit To The Center Of Your Space
Adding a fireplace or fire pit to the center of your space softens the lighting of your overall space. It also draws your guest into the core of your space. No one likes scattered party guests.

If you think your space it too small for a fire pit, try a convertible fire pit and table, like the one above. If you need more space on your patio table, simply put the panel over the fire pit and voila!

Expert Tip: Add cedar chips or a rosemary branch to your fire pit to add a delicious fragrance to your space and added mosquito control.

2. Adding An Outdoor Rug Centralizes Your Space
Just like fire pits, rugs centralize an outdoor space. They add color, texture, interest and they also keep you from slipping if you’ve just come out of the pool. They also define the boundaries of your space, which helps your guests know where the party is, and where it isn’t.
Choose a rug that compliments the color and texture of your furniture and your table. So if your cushions and table are bright colors, your rug should be a white or neutral to offset your table and seating.

3. Add A Conversation Set, But Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match Sets
Now that you’ve found a fire pit that you love, you’ll need to seat your guests! A conversation set is one of the best ways to bring the comfort of indoors to your outdoor space. Some conversation sets can be bought as a set. But before you do buy a full set, you should consider the shape and size of your space.  Mixing and matching outdoor furniture like tables, love seats, and fire pits can help you to create a style that fits your space perfectly.

Ideally, you want to design your space like a combination of your dining room and your living room. Choose a central feature, like a combined fire pit/table, and a variety of single seats, loveseats and sofas. This gives everyone a comfy place to sit, and it guarantees that everyone can be part of the conversation.

4. Add End Tables To Create Interest
Adding end tables add height, texture and interest to your space, and they also give your guests a place to put their drinks or food when you’re relaxing. Try adding tables of different heights, textures and complimentary colors. So if your outdoor furniture base is matte, try adding end tables with a bit of shine. You want your accents to be functional, but you also want them to make the center of your patio space pop.

5. Add Soft Accents To Your Seating Areas
Outdoor furniture isn’t limited to seats. Adding soft accents, like pillows and throws, to seating areas creates a warm, inviting look. It adds layers of color, depth and texture to any space, indoor or outdoor. But it also serves a functional purpose here, too.

Your outdoor furniture space may be warm in the afternoon sun, but sometimes the temperature cools off when the sun sets. Having pillows and throws allows you to snuggle up and take the chill off, while still enjoying your space. Just make sure to bring store throws indoors or in a waterproof container when you’re not entertaining or they’re not in use. This keeps them fresh for the next party or gathering.

Value City NJ Can Help You Transform Your Patio Space From Flat To Fabulous

Value City NJ Furniture is New Jersey’s premier home furnishings retailer.  We offer everything you need to take your patio space to the next level. Let us show you how you can up your outdoor entertaining game!

And we don’t stop at just patio spaces, we offer style and comfort for your entire home. Contact us for more information on how Value City NJ can breathe new life in to any space in your home.



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