What’s Your Dream Dining Room?


What’s Your Dream Dining Room?
When you imagine your dream dining room, what do you see? Is it elegant and traditional or casual and cozy? Maybe you’re more the edgy, modern type, or maybe you’re looking for a grand dining room to host all the parties and holidays with your extended family. Once you have a general idea of the style you want, it’s time to create a plan that also works with your space and the ways you want to use your dining room now and in the future!

How Do You Use Your Dining Room?
For some households, the dining room is a formal room that’s only used for special occasions, but for many, it makes more sense to create a dining room that works for everyday meals, as well as the times when company is coming to dinner. Another consideration is how you’d like to use your dining room in the future. Today, you may have small children and few dinner parties, but as your kids grow up, you may want to entertain your friends and theirs more. How many people eat there daily, and how many are you likely to invite when there’s a birthday or a holiday?

What Kind Of Space Do You Have To Work With?
Are you dealing with a dining room surrounded by walls, or a designated area in an open-concept floorplan? How much natural space is there? Is the space narrow, square, or flexible? What kind of flooring does it have, and are you planning to keep or change it? How high are the ceilings? All of these factors can inspire the design choices you make, or they may turn out to be issues you want to solve before you set down your final plans.

What’s Your Style?
Obviously, you want to create a dining room style that’s in keeping with your home’s architecture and the rest of your décor (unless you’re starting a whole-house update!), so think about your favorite things in the rest of your home and use those for inspiration.

Elegant & Traditional – Traditional style dining rooms often feature visually weighty furniture in darker colors like cherry, mahogany, or walnut wood. You can achieve an elegant, traditional look in your dining room by adding details like wainscoting or chair rails, and by using jewel tones throughout the room, either as accents or as wall color. Chairs with carved back splats and tables with carved legs or pedestals go beautifully in a traditional dining room. If you’re working in a smaller dining room, you might consider a round table, while larger rooms can accommodate a large rectangle or a table with removable leaves to suit whatever group you’re feeding that day. If there’s enough space for a server or buffet on one or both sides of the room, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it can be to set up and serve.

Edgy & Modern – Edgy and modern covers a lot of ground, we’ll admit. Whether your tastes run to industrial or glam, or something sleek and clean, you’ll perfect the look you want by following through on your striking furniture choices with the right choices in lighting and paint colors. Industrial looks go perfectly with soft grays and a bold accent wall color, like black or red. Glam looks are perfect with bright white or silver walls, to complete the light, airy, and shiny vibes. Sleek and clean designs lend themselves to many possibilities, from refined medium tones on the walls to an accent wall in a dramatic bright or deep color. While you may choose to go with less lighting in an industrial-style dining room, many modern styles are best with lots of light, to take best advantage of the reflective materials and to highlight the more minimal styling.

Casual & Cozy – Create a more laid-back dining room for years of family dinners and game nights, for those times when the grandkids are staying the weekend, or when you’re the mom whose table your kids’ friends flock to. Start with a clean, simple dining set and build your perfect space by adding washable seat cushions for a no-fuss environment. You’ve got endless options to fill the space with the things that you and your family connect to: a photo gallery wall, shelving for your favorite games to play after dinner, or the collection of beach glass you’ve been working on for years. Add a pendant light to keep everything bright and adds charm to your perfect dining room.

The Grand Dining Hall – If you’re the one who hosts the large get-togethers for your family and friends, you’re probably dreaming of a grand dining hall where everyone can gather. That said, you most likely want to create a dining room that doesn’t look like your Nonna’s, even if you’re the Nonna now. Start with a timeless design in a dining set that seats 10. Add a storage server (or two, if you have space!), and entertaining just got a lot easier. Store your special dishes and table linens where you’ll use them, and use the counter space on top to set out each feast for your guests to serve themselves easily. Dark woods are beautiful with almost any color palette you like, and that means you can update inexpensively in the future with paint, wall art, and maybe a new light fixture.

Let Value City NJ Help Create Your Perfect Dining Room

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